So What Now?

It's finally real. I Have Already Been Here Before is published and available for order here.

Obviously, I'm ecstatic to have it out in the world. But there's also something terrifying about the
finality of it; these stories represent the bulk of my creative output for the past fifteen years. I've been tinkering with some of them off and on for much of my adult life. At the risk of being dramatic, the things I poured into those stories — both the stuff I was digging out of my psyche to write about and the effort and optimism it takes to work on any creative endeavor — kept me from losing my shit.

And now they're gone. Or at least gone away from me to a place where they're free from my ongoing murder of all their little darlings.

So what now? What now, when the future of my writing life, that part of me that meets the day every morning before dawn when the house is quiet and my dreams or nightmares are still fading into the fuzz of waking?

That's a good question.


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